Author: Stacy Taylor


Attention Small Businesses – Grant Available

The County of Brunswick is now under contract with the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) to administer the Brunswick County Small Business Recovery Assistance Fund (SBRAF). The County has been awarded $500,000 to help eligible businesses in Brunswick County, including the Towns of Alberta, Brodnax, and Lawrenceville to meet their long-term business goals by adjusting to COVID-19 demands.

The maximum benefit to any individual business is $10,000. This program will be operated on a reimbursement basis only. Below is a list of eligible expenses:

1. Retooling and technology activities (up to $5,000) will be disbursed on a reimbursement basis once the business submits documentation of expenditures via invoices and proof of payment.

  1. Space and technology upgrades to reopen and conduct business safely,
  2. Sanitization – including but not limited to cleaning service and/or supplies, and
  3. Job training, classes and/or technical assistance
  4. Rent/ Mortgage: (up to $10,000)(The $10,000 maximum benefit amount is contingent on no assistance sought for retooling and technology activities):
  5. Rent/Mortgage – Rent/Mortgage will be disbursed on a reimbursement basis once the business submits documentation of expenditures via mortgage statements, lease agreements and proof of payment dated no earlier than March 12, 2020 (Date of State of Emergency).
  6. All businesses will be eligible for rent/mortgage assistance from March 12, 2020 to the time of application, or up to 6 months in rent/mortgage relief.
  7. Taxes and insurance must be removed from the escrowed mortgage amount.

iii. Only commercial space can be reimbursed. Residential or non-business space must be subtracted from the payment amount.


For more information, please review the business application attached carefully.


Businesses interested in assistance can now go online and complete a formal application by going to On the homescreen, you can the application in three (3) places:

  1. In the rotating slides at the top of the home page.
  2. In The News section.
  3. Under the COVID-19menu at the top of the homescreen


A Word version of the application is attached as well. You can either use the Word version attached to help you prepare to submit the online application (preferable), or if you have any difficulties completing the application online, you may email/mail your application to Ann Taylor Wright, or 200 S. Mecklenburg Ave South Hill, VA 23970.


When you start the application online, you will need to complete it fully once you start it. You will not be able to save the application and come back to it later.  So, please have all the required attachments ready to upload once you start. Again, should you run into any issues with the online application, please feel free to use the Word version attached. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ann Taylor Wright


A Wonderful Tribute

Brunswick County Government and the Brunswick County Committee of the Virginia World War I and II Commission gathered to place a wreath on the War Memorial on Courthouse Square in Lawrenceville on Friday, Nov. 6, 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Annual Veterans Day Commemoration was cancelled for 2020. Brunswick County Government and the committee wanted to give thanks to all veterans for their service and sacrifice and look forward to the 2021 Veterans Day Commemoration by placing a wreath at the memorial. From left to right are Brunswick County Director of Economic Development, Alfreda Jarrett Reynolds; Supervisor John Zubrod; VFW member, Tom Weaver; Committee member, Carl Wright; VFW member, Herbert Scott, Committee member, Clinton McMillan; VFW member, Russell Blackwell; Committee member, Donald Seward; VFW member, George Colbert; Supervisor Dr. Alfonzo Seward; VFW member, William Jones, Jr.; Committee member, Michael Grimm; VFW member, Herbert W. Goodrich and Assistant County Administrator, Leslie Weddington. (Bobby Conner photo) – Brunswick Times Gazette Article



Christmas Lights

Lawrenceville Christmas Parade -Dec. 4, 2020

The Chamber will be holding its Christmas Parade on Friday, December 4, at 7:30 p.m.

We will celebrate the 300th Anniversary of Brunswick County – “Brunswick 2020, 300 Years of Evolution”

I’ve attached the registration form.


We’ve missed so many events and memories during 2020.  Let’s join together and give our community this small gift to celebrate the Christmas season.

Deadline for entry is November 27. 



1)  Distinguished Service Award Nominations deadline is October 30 (must be postmarked if mailed)

2)  Santa Breakfast for December 5 has been canceled

3)  Halloween parade and trunk or treat for October 30 has been canceled 


Wendy F. Wright, Executive Director

Brunswick Chamber of Commerce

400 North Main Street

Lawrenceville, VA  23868

434-848-31542020 Entry Form