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  • Brunswick County Public Schools take pride in a student-teacher ratio of 13 or better at all levels K-12. Our educational system is strongly linked to the Virginia Community College System through the VCCS TechPrep program. This program provides many free educational benefits to all public students through its dual enrollment capability and its gifted-student Governor’s School Program component. The dual enrollment program allows high school students to earn college credits by taking courses through SVCC while still in high school, and some students have actually completed two years of college while in high school.
  • Brunswick Academy – Founded in 1964, Brunswick Academy is an independent, co-educational, day facility offering an Early Learning Center for 3- and 4-year olds and Kindergarten through twelfth grade classes.
  • Southside Virginia Community College provides quality educational programs that prepare students for transfer to four-year colleges and universities, and an occupational-technical program to educate, train and retrain workers for Southside business and industry. Workforce Development offerings include:
    • courses to pursue degrees and certificates;
    • classes, forums, lectures, exhibits, short courses, art and music festivals to promote cultural affairs of the community;
    • various community development programs and seminars;
    • an offering of non-cataloged special courses or programs to the community’s industries, businesses or professions, directed and taught at the college or at the client’s site by the faculty and staff of the college;
    • special services such as a Speaker’s Bureau, use of college facilities, tours and visits and other services as they are needed.
  • Longwood University, with which SVCC has a transfer agreement, is an hour’s drive from Brunswick in Farmville, Virginia.
  • Southern Virginia Higher Education Center in South Boston, Virginia (one-hour drive), offers students a high quality education through partnerships with eight Virginia colleges and universities, including Southside Virginia Community College in Brunswick. Students can earn Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees in any one of 20 disciplines and 12 Degree programs.
  • The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research – IALR – Through the IALR’s research centers, top-notch Virginia Tech faculty are locating to Southside Virginia to conduct research in the fields of polymers, unmanned systems, high value horticulture and forestry, and motorsports engineering. IALR research centers are designed to conduct cutting-edge research in their specialty fields, as well as attracting small and mid-sized companies who desire access to the expertise they offer. Additionally, each research center provides educational opportunities uniquely focused on their current research.
  • Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond
  • University of Richmond, Richmond
  • Old Dominion University, Norfolk
  • Virginia State University, Petersburg
  • Hampden-Sydney College, Hampden-Sydney, Va (near Farmville)
  • Hampton University, Hampton, Va

Brunswick High School

SVCC Continuing Education Classes

Southern VA Higher Education Center partners with SVCC