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Month: April 2016


Supervisors vote to repeal Merchants’ Capital Tax

The Brunswick County Board of Supervisors adopted an ordinance to repeal the Merchants’ Capital Tax effective Jan. 1, 2017. The supervisors held a public hearing on the proposed ordinance amendment on Wednesday, June 17, and no one spoke in opposition and several people spoke in favor of repealing the tax.

Scott Martin, chair of the Economic Development Authority of Lawrenceville, said the authority fully supports the adoption of an ordinance to amend the merchant’s capital tax in Brunswick County.

“In the view of the EDA, this tax acts as a deterrent to attracting new industry into our county. It also may become a determining factor for those present businesses who may be considering whether to remain in Brunswick County. Brunswick is a prime location for businesses such as distribution centers, however, considering that many of the surrounding counties do not have this tax, it leaves Brunswick without much hope of attracting these facilities,” Martin stated. “Considering the relatively small revenue garnered from this tax and the future revenue anticipated with the completion of the Dominion plant and the pipeline, we see this as the most opportune time to be considering this move. It is our hope that you will proceed with the elimination of the merchants’ capital tax at this time.”

from The Brunswick Times-Gazette

Groundbreaking Held for Dominion Virginia Power Station

FREEMAN – Friday, May 16, 2014 was a great day for Brunswick County and Southside Virginia. State and county officials joined Dominion Virginia Power employees to break ground on the Brunswick County Power Station now under construction on Governor Harrison Parkway.

Dan Genest, Media Relations/ Generation for Dominion, said when completed in 2016 the Brunswick County Power Station will produce almost 1,360 megawatts of electricity – enough to power nearly 340,000 households. The station will use combined-cycle technology, an energy efficient method that recaptures waste heat to produce more electricity. The facility will be powered by clean, economical natural gas, a fuel with outstanding environmental qualities, including lower carbon emissions.

Genest said with natural gas as its fuel, the station is expected to save customers more than $1 billion over its expected life compared with the next-best option for supplying power

“This is not just a good morning, this is a great morning for Brunswick County and the region,” said Senator Frank Ruff, 15th District, who serves as Vice Chairman of the Virginia Tobacco Commission.

In a light-hearted manner, Ruff said he thought he was the only person that Dominion Virginia Power told when it decided to locate in Brunswick County.

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