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The Brunswick County IDA provides regulatory interface assistance to businesses new to Virginia and entering Brunswick County. The IDA works through its partner, the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, to accommodate the needs of these businesses; we also provide assistance in fast-tracking any necessary Brunswick County regulatory permits.

Some permitting authority may be required on both the state and county level; your IDA partner will advise you when one and/or both levels, state and local, are required. Virginia regulatory departments and commissions that may be involved with entry permitting are:

Environmental Regulation

  • Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
  • Virginia Department of Health
  • Virginia Marine Resources
  • Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation
  • Division of Soil and Water Conservation

Occupational Regulation

  • Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation
  • Virginia Certification of Tradesman Standards

Virginia Occupational Safety and Health

May include:

  • Virginia Department of Transportation/truck weights and permitting

Building Code and Construction Regulation

  • Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development
  • State Fire Marshall
  • Manufactured Buildings
  • Virginia Industrialized Building Safety Regulations
  • Virginia Manufactured Home Safety Regulations