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James River Cardiology Coming to Lawrenceville, VA

The team at James River Cardiology has been providing quality cardiovascular care using the latest in diagnostic and treatment options for more than 10 years and are now opening a location across from the courthouse in Lawrenceville, VA.

From their website:

We treat each patient with the highest level of care and respect. Together with a dedicated support staff, we work with each patient and each patient’s referring physician to properly diagnose disorders of the heart.

Our approach includes listening to our patients describe their symptoms, consulting with their primary care physicians, and using a variety of diagnostic tools and techniques.

Then we determine the most prudent and effective treatment program.


Small Manufacturers Think Big about Partnerships During COVID-19

From Industry Week

How SME’s are teaming up with public research universities and MEP centers to boost innovation capacity.


The U.S. manufacturing industry has lost a staggering 5 million jobs and thousands of manufacturing establishments over the past two decades, according to a report from MForesight. Stalled manufacturing productivity growth and overseas competition are two major drivers of the decline.

COVID-19 is likely to make matters worse, but the industry may also experience five years of innovation within the next 18 months as existing and new digital technologies gain traction.

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Southern Virginia Produce Processing Facility Project – Buyer Survey

The Brunswick County Industrial Development Association (IDA), in cooperation with Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE), is planning the development of a produce processing facility in the town of Lawrenceville. The project will assess supply and demand and will facilitate linking producers with buyers. The project will benefit local producers by providing a facility for cold storage and value-added processing and will benefit buyers by providing a consistent source of quality produce and value-added products. Goals include increasing the amount of produce purchased and consumed locally (within a multi-county region). To move forward with this project, we need input from potential buyers. Please complete this brief survey and return to Cynthia Gregg, Brunswick County VCE. Your insights are greatly appreciated.

To download, right click this link and select Save As: Download Survey

Mail: Cynthia Gregg, 100 Tobacco St, Lawrenceville, VA 23868



The Commonwealth Of Virginia: A Location of Choice

from Business Facilities

Home to the nation’s largest data center market, its third-largest port, the third-highest concentration of tech workers and the HQ of 37 Fortune 1000 companies, Virginia offers diverse opportunities for success.

Virginia’s depth of talent, top 10 ranking as a place to do business and exceptional livability, make it a location of choice for companies’ corporate services functions. There are 37 Fortune 1000 companies with headquarters in Virginia, and an educated pipeline of employees ready to support additional growth in business services and operations centers of excellence. Virginia’s middle market cities and rural locations also serve as attractive options as companies look to relocate operations out of higher-cost areas.

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Why On-Premise Phone Solutions Fall Short in Supporting Remote Workforces

With most on-premise and legacy PBX solutions, the use of a desk phone relies on being hardwired to the PBX and PSTN networks. But these outdated phone systems weren’t built to accommodate the large remote workforces that we’re seeing today.

Companies that don’t support a bring-your-own-device environment are extremely challenged right now in four key areas:

  1. Security: The inability to secure these devices and workflows puts confidential company information at risk with each call, creating an IT administrator’s nightmare. 
  2. Functionality: Lack of key business PBX features for admins, sales, support, and managers can negatively impact the way a business runs in today’s environment.
  3. Remote administration: Legacy solutions often are not easily managed offsite, making them difficult to update and troubleshoot.
  4. Customer operations: Inbound calls to the main business number need to be answered from anywhere and calls need to be routed to the right employees, especially for sales and support.

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