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The generally mild climate of Brunswick County is easy on our residents’ daily lifestyles and easy on energy-conscious businesses as well. There are clearly four wonderful seasons to enjoy, with harsh weather extremes rarely experienced here as they are in other regions of the country.

Based on data collected and recorded in Lawrenceville, Brunswick County, during the time period of 1971 to 2000, the following mean temperatures and precipitation amounts were reported by the Southeast Regional Climate Center:

Mean Temperature/Annual 56.9º

Highest mean maximum temperature 92.5º
Lowest mean maximum temperature 35.6º

Seasonal Mean Maximum Temperatures:

Highest 58.0
Lowest 35.6

Highest 74.8
Lowest 63.3

Highest 92.3
Lowest 83.5

Highest 76.2
Lowest 64.5

Mean Precipitation/Annual 45.9 in

Source: NCDC 1971-2000 Monthly Normals, Southeast Regional Climate Center, Lawrenceville reporting center