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Major Employers

Manufacturing and Production

wdt_ID Company Products Estimated Employment Year Established in Brunswick Co.
1 Geo Corrections Prison 250 - 499
2 Meherrin River Regional Jail Regional Jail 100 - 249
3 County of Brunswick Government 100 - 249
4 Davis Oil Company 50 - 99
5 Hyponex Corporation Outdoor Products 50 - 99
6 Redland Brick Bricks 50 - 99
7 M.M. Wright, Inc. Lumber/Logging 50 - 99 1948
8 Pecht Distributors Distributor 20 – 49 1964
9 Virginia Carolina Forest Products Lumber Manufacturer 50 – 99 1991

Non Manufacturing

wdt_ID wdtcolumn wdtcolumn1 wdtcolumn2
1 Brunswick County School Board School System 250 - 499
2 Brunswick Academy Local School System 50 - 99
3 Southside VA Community College Community College 250 - 499
4 The Club Lake Gaston Resort Family Resort 20 - 49

Forestry is very important to the economy of Brunswick County. The latest reports from the Virginia Forestry Service state that Brunswick County continues to rank as number one among counties in timber harvesting. Also, data shows that the industry contributed 672 direct jobs to our local economy and an additional 287 indirect jobs. An employer listed above whose primary business is timber production is represented in the Forestry Report totals.

Additionally, you will note above that our major employers have been in business in Brunswick County for a substantial number of years – a number more than 50 years – which is a testament to the pro-business environment and the quality of life.

Spotlight Profiles

Redland Brick, Inc. was incorporated in Brunswick County, Virginia in 1946 as Brick and Tile Corporation of Lawrenceville. The company is well known for the superior quality bricks it produces and serves markets in 29 states and Canada. Through the years the company has continuously worked to insure production quality and grow its production capacity by maintaining a well-trained seasoned and dedicated workforce and employing the use of technology innovation. Today, all movement of brick from the forming process to final packaging is completely automated. Industrial robots enable the precise setting of the brick onto the kiln cars and, after the firing process, into the packaging machinery. The plant is one of the most modern, state-of-the-art brick manufacturing facilities in the United States. Visit the company’s website at

Lawrenceville Brick uses robotics extensively in its state-of-the-art brick manufacturing facility.

Virginia-Carolina Forest Products, Inc. is committed to producing the highest quality hardwood and pine lumber. Maintaining consistency in the manufacturing process accompanied by a strong commitment to the plant’s modernization has allowed Virginia-Carolina to produce a superior product. Since 1991, the plant has expanded its operation by installing 6 aluminum package dry kilns and a high temperature softwood dry kiln for drying green lumber. The kilns are powered by a 600 hp wood fired boiler which burns recycled sawdust. A softwood planing mill and a double end trimming system have also been added to enhance the quality, appearance, and yield of the lumber. Recent improvements include installation of two automated sorter systems with 54 bins for sorting work in process lumber and finished product by grade and specie. Virginia-Carolina has adapted well to the changing economy by diversifying its product base and taking advantage of its proximity to the port of Norfolk. Export shipments account for 47% of total sales. For more information, please visit our website at

Scanning equipment at Virginia-Carolina Forest Products

Virginia-Carolina WIP Lumber to be Kiln Dried