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Poor Jellyfish

Poor Jellyfish Marketing Agency

Poor Jellyfish Marketing Agency that works with brands, big and small, who are looking for a partner to help their business grow.

Whether you need an online presence, more leads or customers, or just a growth strategy, Poor Jellyfish can help.


• Build a Website
• Social Media Marketing
• Advertising

• Secure a Grant
• Start a Business
• Lunch a Product
• Market Research
• Reputation Management

We help client across North America but live at Lake Gaston so we offer in-person local service between Richmond & Raleigh, especially in and around Lake Country.

There are countless ways to drive sales to a specific product, service, or buisness in general.

You specialize in what it is you do. We specialize in identifying which of those ways may beneift you the most in the least amount of time.

We focus on Business Development and Growth Marketing.

Business Development means we work through your business with you to find small changes that can have a big impact on your bottom line.

Growth Marketing means the marketing we do is not based on vanity metrics, it’s designed to put dollars in your pocket.

Ready to grow?
Reach out to see if we’re a fit.

Locally serving between Raleigh and Richmond