Brunswick County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) plans to strategically pursue new businesses and industries with the vision of having them locate in the County thus encouraging the growth of existing businesses while providing local entrepreneurs with guidance and resources for their start-up ventures and creating employment opportunities.
As many of you already have heard Brunswick County is changing. The Brunswick County Board of Supervisors, under the direction of Chairman Barbara Harris, spent a great deal of time in 2017 to envision the future and to develop a comprehensive plan to move forward. Mrs. Harris realized that without Vision there is no way to see the possibilities available to us in the future. Guided by this vison the Board is moving forward to put the pieces in place to make Vision 2035 a reality.

The IDA Board of Directors is made up of citizens from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Each member brings his or her own individual perspective to our work. Our board has embraced Vision 2035 not only with our words but also with our actions. Committees have been formed, communication has been improved and finances and procedures are being reviewed. We are pledged to work side by side with Carthin Currin, Directoår of Economic Development and the County to find good business partners and to enhance and encourage those that are already here.

County government works for you. We invite public comment and interaction. You have a say and your opinions matter. You also have a responsibility to improve our County. Shop local, eat local, brag a lot about all we have. Our local restaurants have great selections. It is very hard work to operate an eating establishment. Trust me I know, I spent 25 years in that business. Encourage and support the folks who have dedicated their time and money to giving you a place to eat. Get your hair done locally, we have high quality beauty shops and barbers. The county has great grocery stores, hardware stores, and some of the best hot dogs and biscuits available anywhere. When you eat and shop locally you encourage other business to come to our County. You help create new jobs. You can help create a climate which will encourage the growth of new business.

As the newly appointed Business Liaison Director of the Brunswick County Industrial Development Authority, I thank you for your time and your help. In the future you will be asked for input, help and guidance to move the Vision forward. The vision will take time, it will take cooperation and of course your prayers are most appreciated.

Mike Dotti, IDA Chairman of the Board

Michael Dotti
Brunswick County, Va.
IDA Business Liaison Director
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New Jobs Coming to Brunswick County

Brunswick County, VA - The Brunswick County Industrial Development Authority, the Brunswick County Board of Supervisors, and the Town of Lawrenceville announced today KASS Foods, a healthy snack food manufacturer, will invest to establish an operation in Brunswick County, Town of Lawrenceville. Virginia successfully competed against North Carolina and Maryland for the project, which will bring eight new jobs to the region.

Mike Dotti, Chair of Brunswick County IDA Board said, “It is an easy thing to say Brunswick County is open for business. To create an environment where new business is possible takes the work of a lot of people. We could not have done this without our team. The Board of Supervisors, Carthan Currin, Economic Development Director, C. J. Dean and the Town of Lawrenceville, the Tobacco Commission, the amazing IDA board all moving forward under the proactive leadership of our County Administrator, Dr. Woolridge. A special thanks to Ajay and the fine people of KASS for their investment in our County.”

“We are extremely pleased that KASS Foods chose to locate their company in Brunswick County,” said Dr. Charlette T. Woolridge, Brunswick County Administrator. “President Sujanani’s business investment results in the restoration of the former Southern States facility, the creation of employment opportunities for Brunswick residents, increased tax revenues, and even more benefits.” Dr. Woolridge also thanked the partners who helped to make this project possible. “I am very appreciative of the collaborative partnership between KASS, the Board of Supervisors and staff, Brunswick County Industrial Development Authority Board, Town of Lawrenceville, Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission, Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development, Virginia’s Growth Alliance and Southside Planning District Commission who were instrumental in making this project a reality.”

dominion groundbreakingWith natural gas as its fuel, the Brunswick County Power Station will produce almost 1,360 megawatts of electricity – enough to power nearly 340,000 households - and is expected to save customers more than $1 billion over its expected life.

The newest member of Dominion Virginia Power's generation fleet, the 1,358 megawatt, environmentally clean Brunswick Power Station began producing electricity for the company's customers on Monday, April 25, 2016.

- Station's 1,358 megawatts can power 325,000 homes
- During construction more than $824 million in economic benefits was generated
- Station uses efficient technology and clean natural gas

The Brunswick County Board of Supervisors has adopted an ordinance to repeal the Merchants’ Capital Tax effective Jan. 1, 2017.