Virginia Economic Development Partnership

The Brunswick County IDA is an active participant in the Virginia Economic Development Partnership. Created in 1995 by the Virginia General Assembly, the VEDP through its collaborative efforts can provide meaningful assistance in all aspects of location and expansion decisions, including coordination to facilitate environmental, regulatory, workforce and utility needs.

Virginia Department of Business Assistance

The  IDA can call on the Virginia Department of Business Assistance to assist those starting a small business.

The Virginia Small Business Financing Authority (VSBFA)

One of the primary jobs of the IDA is the issuance of bonds — IDBs — that provide financial support to a manufacturing business locating to or expanding in Brunswick County. When appropriate, our IDA can partner with the Virginia Small Business Financing Authority (VSBFA) to produce the tax-exempt IDB financing for acquisition, construction or equipment. IDBs can provide lower interest rates than conventional financing, 100% project financing including most issuance costs and can have an average maturity of up to 120% of the economic life of the assets financed.

The Southside Planning District Commission (SSPDC)

On a regional basis, the Southside Planning District Commission may also be asked to assist as a team member with a host of valuable information and training services.

SSPDC Training Assistance

The SSPDC can provide valuable assistance in workforce training through regional centers like the new Lake Country Advanced Knowledge Center. The center is equipped to provide specialty training in diverse areas from metal fabrication and machining to computer skills as well as other special programs an incoming Brunswick business partner may need. This regional center's programs can be combined with programs provided within Brunswick County at colleges and universities to give businesses the tailored-to-fit program needed by skill level or new skill need. The center is only minutes from most business areas of Brunswick County.

SSPDC Data Assistance

Through the SSPDC geographic information system (GIS), critical analytical data that provides valuable assistance in marketing, distribution, safety and other planning factors in Brunswick County site selection. SSPDC GIS services can serve up information such as residential populations surrounding a potential factory site, the average household income of the households, maps, Census Blocks that profile and define the population segments in almost any radius chosen, and align that data with paper maps or aerial photographs. It can even be used to map out a nature trail or historic tour route. GIS can also provide a guide to where household growth is happening in Brunswick as well as other SSPDC counties — and that's an invaluable tool for many businesses!